DUI Charge Dismissed – People v Sandusky

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Client was arrested after he rear ended a UPS truck that was stopped at a stop sign.

When the police arrived at the scene, client was in the driver’s seat trying to extricate his car from the ditch. Upon personal contact with client, the police noted that he was disoriented and appeared to be significantly under the influence. Police located a firearm locked in the glove box during an inventory search of his vehicle following his arrest for suspected OWI.

Client was charged with OWI and a felony weapons charge after the MSP Laboratory Report revealed the presence of hydrocodone and zolpidem in client’s blood which was drawn at the hospital following his arrest. Duke Law Group PLC was engaged to represent client on the felony and misdemeanor charges.

During pretrial proceedings, Attorney Edward Earl Duke was successful in getting the Court to dismiss the felony weapons charge and the case was set for trial on the OWI charge.

As part of the overall trial strategy Mr. Duke developed a defense based upon client’s health condition and his prescription drug treatment protocol for a variety of ailments. Essentially, Mr. Duke presented the case as one of unintended consequences: the collision was postured as the culmination of unanticipated drug interactions exacerbated by client’s medical condition. Mr. Duke engaged the services of two medical professionals to review the case facts and tender expert testimony at trial.

On the day of jury selection Mr. Duke negotiated a resolution of the case whereby client pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace and responsible to the civil infraction careless driving.

The operating while intoxicated (OWI) charge was dismissed.

DUI Charge Dismissed