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Did you know that no matter how much you drink and how often you indulge, you can still experience both short-term and long-term effects of alcohol on the body?

The effects of alcohol on the brain and liver are most common and recognizable, but the effects on the rest of the body can be equally harmful.

Educating yourself on the effects of alcohol on the body will help you make responsible choices about your consumption of alcohol. The following infographic provided by Healthline.com provides valuable information in an easy-to-understanding graphic.

Effects of Drinking

Classic Signs of Drunkenness:

  • You feel giddy

  • You start to lose the thread of what you’re saying

  • You feel unsteady on your feet

  • You start seeing double.

Tips to avoid feeling sick or passing out

  • The best advice, of course, is to avoid drinking or to drink within the guidelines to avoid this happening.

  • If someone is planning to drink, they should eat before or while drinking – even a bowl of cereal or a couple of pieces of toast will help. Avoid top ups as it is harder to keep track of what you’re drinking.

  • Pace yourself – having a soft drink between each alcoholic one really helps slow drinking down and gives the body a chance to break down the alcohol consumed.

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