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Located in Lapeer, Michigan, the jurisdiction of the 40th Circuit Court encompasses all felonies committed within the geographical limits of Lapeer County.

All state law felonies are prosecuted by the Office of the Lapeer County Prosecutor. The current Lapeer County Prosecutor is Timothy M. Turkleson. However, Prosecutor Turkleson was soundly defeated in the recent Republican primary and will only continue as prosecutor through the end of the year.

The Lapeer County Circuit Court is comprised of three Circuit Court judges. Hon. Nick O. Holowka is currently serving as Chief Judge. Hon. Byron J. Konschuh sits as a circuit and family court judge and Hon. Justus C. Scott sits as a family and probate court judge. All three judges are former Lapeer County Prosecuting Attorneys.

All felony drunk or drugged driving cases committed in Lapeer County will originate in the Lapeer County District Court.  A pre-preliminary examination conference and a preliminary examination will be held unless the latter is waived by the Defendant. Absent a waiver, the case will be bound over to the 40th Circuit Court Lapeer Michigan following a probable cause preliminary examination where the District Court judge finds that the prosecutor has met his or her burden and has shown that a crime was committed and there is probable cause to believe the Defendant committed the offense charged.

When the matter is bound over to the circuit court it is assigned to a specific circuit court judge on a “blind draw” basis. It is important to remember that a misdemeanor OWI can also be adjudicated in the circuit court where the defendant is charged with a separate felony arising from the same occurrence. For example, it is not unusual for a misdemeanor OWI defendant to also be charged with resisting and obstructing a police officer or fleeing and eluding. In those instances the circuit court judge would have jurisdiction over the OWI even if it is charged as a first offense.


Having practiced drunk and drugged driving defense in Lapeer County for over 38 years, I am one of the few attorneys who has routinely appeared before all of the 40th Circuit Court Lapeer Michigan judges.

I am very familiar with their respective policies that can influence the direction and dynamics of any given OWI felony case.

That kind of knowledge only comes with experience.

When it comes to drunk and drugged driving defense in the 40th Circuit Court Lapeer Michigan, experience is what matters most. So, if you have a case in that court, I encourage you to send me the specifics online or call me directly at 248-409-0484 to discuss the facts of your case.

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DUI 40th Circuit Court Lapeer Michigan
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DUI 40th Circuit Court Lapeer Michigan
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