DUI 52-4 District Court Troy Michigan

DUI 52-4 District Court Troy Michigan OWI drunk driving lawyer attorney
DUI 52-4 District Court Troy Michigan


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If you have been arrested and charged with a drunk driving OWI / DUI 52-4 District Court Troy Michigan, you may be seeking important information about the court and its reputation with handling drunk driving offenders.

Located at 520 W. Big Beaver Road in Troy, Oakland County, Michigan, the jurisdiction of the 52-4 District Court extends to the cities of Troy and Clawson.

The Court is comprised of two judges: Hon. William E. Bolle and Hon. Kirsten Nielsen Hartig. Judge Bolle is serving his last term as judge and will be retiring at the end of 2014.

Judge Hartig was an assistant prosecutor with the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office in her early career. Interestingly, she thereafter maintained an active private practice prior to taking the bench and represented many clients charged with alcohol and drug related offenses. Her experiences as both prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer present an interesting dichotomy to those facing charges in her court.


My experience suggests that both judges are open and responsive to well reasoned and well grounded motions in drunk driving OWI / DUI cases. Indeed, both judges have demonstrated a willingness to grant  suppression motions under the right circumstances.  

That being said, I have learned that the judges respond differently to defense motions based on the unique circumstance of any given case. Consequently, if my defense strategy for a particular client involved challenging the advise of chemical test rights, I would couch my motion and argue differently depending upon which judge had the case.

That is the best approach to maximize a client’s chances for a successful result in their drunk driving OWI / DUI 52-4 District Court Troy Michigan case.

The same is true when it comes to sentencing and terms of probation. Each of the judges has a very different philosophy regarding appropriate sentences for drunk or drugged drivers.

It is no secret that one of the judges rarely imposes any term of probation for a first offense OWI / DUI while the other has the reputation for imposing sentences with probation characterized by rigid random alcohol and drug testing.

Needless to say, that fact alone affects how I approach sentencing in a given drunk driving OWI / DUI 52-4 District Court Troy Michigan case.

That kind of knowledge only comes with experience.

When it comes to drunk and drugged driving defense in the 52-4 District Court, experience is what matters most. So, if you have a case in that court, I encourage you to send me the specifics online or call me directly at 248-409-0484.

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DUI 52-4 District Court Troy Michigan
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DUI 52-4 District Court Troy Michigan
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