Third Offense Felony DUI


Being arrested and charged with a third offense felony DUI/ OWI can give rise to potentially catastrophic consequences.

A third drunk driving conviction in a person’s lifetime is a felony punishable by incarceration in state prison.

Such a conviction can never be expunged and will remain an indelible stigma on a person’s record for the rest of their life.

However, your arrest for a third offense felony DUI / OWI does not have to result in a conviction.

Felony drunk driving charges are not only defendable, they’re winnable! But only an experienced and well qualified Michigan DUI defense lawyer can advise you on how to achieve the very best result in your case.

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Following conviction for a third offense felony DUI, the court may impose penalties that include incarceration for up to five years in state prison. Even under the best of circumstances, a conviction would result in a minimum of 30 days in the county jail.

Fines levied by the court for a third offense felony DUI / OWI can range anywhere from $500 to $5,000. On top of the fines, there can be thousands of dollars in court costs, costs of prosecution,  probation oversight fees and driver’s responsibility fees as well as extensive community service and random alcohol and drug testing.

A conviction of a third offense felony DUI may also result in vehicle forfeiture.


But probably the most serious consequence of the third offense DUI conviction is the potential loss of driving privileges that can range from one to five years.

The problem is that restoration of a driver’s license following conviction and after serving the revocation period is not a given.

A person whose license is revoked must apply to the Administrative Hearings Section of the Michigan Secretary of State. The application process requires submission of an alcohol abuse assessment and evaluation, letters documenting the petitioner’s sobriety and other proof required under Rule 13 of the applicable provisions of the Michigan Administrative Code.

It is not unusual for the initial application for restoration to be denied, in which case the petitioner must wait a full year before reapplying. The hard truth is that it may take years before a person convicted for third offense DUI is successful in getting a driver’s license. In fact, the revocation can last a lifetime.


If you are facing a felony drunk driving charge in Michigan, the attorney you hire to represent you can make the difference between going to jail or not.

Engaging the services of a highly qualified and experienced OWI defense attorney is of critical importance.

I am proud of my reputation and track record as a top rated Michigan OWI defense attorney with over three decades of experience representing clients facing felony OWI charges.

I only accept a limited number of cases so that each client’s case can be given the appropriate attention and consideration. And I use the knowledge and expertise gained through the  handling hundreds of such cases to insure that each client I represent gets the best possible defense.

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Third Offense Felony DUI
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Third Offense Felony DUI
A third offense felony DUI conviction in a person’s lifetime is a felony punishable by incarceration in state prison. Experienced attorney Edward Duke explains what to expect and the penalties for felony drunk driving.
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